Are you ready to explore the magnificent underwater beauty of Bunaken in North Sulawesi? Mark your calendar and get ready to be amazed!

From July 26-29 2019, the Bunaken 2019 Enchantment Festival will again present the best offered by this extraordinary marine park and coastal city of Manado, both through its beautiful beaches and outside clear waters.

As in all previous editions, the Bunaken Festival will feature a series of joys to pamper your eyes, ears, and tastes which include traditional boat competitions decorated with colors, cultural carnivals, ‘Kolintang’ traditional music, ‘Maengket’ traditional music, traditional dance performances ‘Maengket’ and competition, as well as competitions in modern and contemporary dances. The festival will also highlight spicy seafood barbeques, fun traditional folk games, snorkeling adventures, Miss and Mr. Beauty Contest. Bunaken, and lively art and music performances.

The Head of the North Sulawesi Provincial Tourism Office, Daniel Mewengkang, invited all including all tourists to join in this celebration: “there will be fishing competitions, beach volleyball games, rowing competitions, and underwater photography contests, where everyone will surely experience all the arts and culture and the charm of North Sulawesi, where all are welcome to participate. “

As part of the festival, an exhibition featuring superior products and other excellent features of the province will also be held at Manado Town Square. Here you can browse some of the best and unique souvenirs such as the famous Sulaman in this area, Batik, Weaving and various snacks, agricultural products and marine products and fisheries.

Having continued to increase as a favorite tropical destination in recent years, especially for tourists from China, Bunaken is indeed a beach paradise filled with extraordinary rich beauty. The translucent waters of Bunaken allow people to see clearly many unique and colorful marine life species along the sea floor. For those who enjoy scuba diving, this is the right place. With around 20 dive spots to choose from, divers will have the opportunity to swim under the sea, and play happily while admiring the colorful and strange sea creatures that make this place their habitat.

Bunaken is part of the administrative city of Manado, the capital of North Sulawesi. The marine park around Bunaken is part of the National Park which also covers the oceans around Manado Tua, Siladen and Mantehage islands.

“When it comes to Bunaken, there is no doubt that this is the main goal. Bunaken has been recognized as a favorite sea paradise and one of the best diving destinations in the world. Because the Bunaken 2019 Enchantment Festival will be held, tourists will definitely get a good treat! “Said the Minister of Tourism, Arief YahyaBu.

English free translation from Pedoman wisata