Yadnya Kasada Bromo ceremony is a ceremony day in the form of offerings for the offering of Sang Hyang Widhi. Every Kasada month 14 days in the Javanese calendar holds a ceremony offering for Sang Hyang Widhi and ancestors.

Mount Bromo has been known as one of the main international tourist destinations in East Java, Indonesia. Its beautiful landscape and unique geological characteristics have become a powerful magnet that attracts tourists to come to see its own beauty. Surrounded by a sea of ​​sand and also savanna on its south side, along with the smoke coming out of its crater, Mount Bromo offers a wonderful, stunning view for its visitors. The sun rises on Mount Bromo is also said to be one of the most beautiful in the world.

Traditional Ceremony of the Kasad Yad on Mount Bromo is celebrated every year. The existence of the Yadnya Kasada Festival has important events that are always held as offerings to the gods. They celebrate the Yadnya Kasada ceremony as a form of gratitude for the gifts of the gods for prosperity, abundant harvests, etc. The festival time for the Yadnya Kasada Ceremony in Bromo is always celebrated every year and the Bromo Kasada ceremony in 2019 according to the ancient Javanese calendar Yadnya Kasada ritual is always held during the full moon.

Right on the night of the 14th month of Kasada, the Tengger tribe together brought cattle and agricultural offerings to Luhur Poten Temple and waited until midnight when the shaman ordained the elders. Furthermore, the prepared offerings are taken to the top of the mountain crater to be thrown into the crater as a symbol of the sacrifices made by their ancestors. For the Tengger tribe, offerings were thrown into the Bromo crater as a form of oath or gratitude for abundant livestock and agriculture. In the crater it seems that there have been waiting for many beggars and populations living in the interior. What is interesting is that they have always come here and even deliberately set up temporary shelters around Mount Bromo and hoped to get ongkek – padagkek which contained fruit offerings, livestock, and money. The activity of perching inland residents in the Mount Bromo crater can be witnessed from night to day before the day before the Kasada Yad ceremony is celebrated. The Kasada celebration on Mount Bromo is scheduled to be held on June 17-19 2019.

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